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  “Ohhmazing Wellness:  Shift Your Vision and Create the Healthy & Happy Lifestyle You Deserve” is a collaboration shared in print by 31 beautiful, powerful and courageous women from across the world who share their personal and authentic stories to empower women EVERYWHERE to believe in acts of wellness through self-care. As women, way too often we neglect to feed our body, mind and soul with what it really needs to be present, authentically vibrant and whole and there is no better time to get REAL with practical ways of engaging in the act of self-love than by reading the inspiring stories of the co-authors in this book. These courageous women take you on a journey through their lives – revealing their struggles, despair, boldness and triumphs and bring you to an inspired space of living a healthy and happy lifestyle through love, truth and acceptance. These stories are about stepping out of your comfort zone, creating healthy new beginnings, breaking down walls, living with what is, transformation and possibilities, loving food, listening to your body and trusting your body and embracing the change, amongst others.  You will be inspired to connect with the woman on the inside, indulge in self-care like never before and create the life you dream of and deserve. The good news is that these Ohhmazing women are just like us – all busy with family, careers, running businesses, taking care of our parents, volunteering, coaching, teaching and being life-long students.  So I ask you, what do the words ‘take care of yourself,’ mean to you?  Allow the stories in this book to help bring forth your powerful answer!

Each chapter is an absolute gem, a source of Ohhmazing inspiration, and a meaningful moment of truth.

Topics Included, 

Spa & Beauty

Food & Nutrition

Fitness & Movement

Health & Holistic Healing

Mind & Spirit


Career & Entrepreneurship


We encourage you to find a quiet space to read, as you will be utterly surprised by what is revealed inside this book!This book is the only tool you’ll ever need to step onto the path towards your own success with wellness, confidence and self-love. It is written with authenticity!