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Welcome to Zija; Our Zija Story starts wit Essential Oils. Over the 15 years we have essential oils mostly from buying them from a friend of ours that is a massage therapist of at Whole Foods. When we started thinking of adding them to our practice we looked at one company, sat in some meetings and then two classmates of Dr. Sean's called him and asked him to take a look at a different brand of oils. So we said we would take a look and they sent us some samples of essential oils and something called Moringa Supermix. We put the Supermix aside and began comparing the oils. We noticed the Ameo Oils were stronger in Aroma and we need less drops in our diffuser and Epsom Salt Baths. It became Obvious that Zija was the company to work with. We began introducing the oils into our practice by diffusing oils in the treatment rooms and giving people samples to take home and try, as well as letting people barrow a diffuser to try at home. After all that is most peoples complaint about oils is they dont know what to do with them once they buy them. WE started learning more and more about essential oils and consulting books from Dr. Plant, Dr. Scott Johnson and Dr. Penoel, as well as a huge Facebook group page with tons of recipes, support and a place to ask what oils are good for what etc. In our home we have diffusers in our children's bedrooms with no illnesses since adding them to their rooms, we have one in our bedroom and the family room.   We have since added to the practice: Epsom Salts Baths, roller balls, massage creams, deep tissue type creams like icy hot but no chemicals, laundry detergent and the list goes on and on as we learn we also hold Essential Oil Classes in peoples homes and Our practice. Call to Schedule one today: 843-338-2873

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